2021 WFC/Summer National 


Kansas City Metro Area


18U WFC/Summer Nationals - July 19-23, 2021

16U WFC/Summer Nationals - July 18-22, 2021

14U WFC/Summer Nationals - July 20-24, 2021

Des Moines Metro Area


11U/13U WFC - July 7-11, 2021

10U/12U WFC - July 14-18, 2021

Atlanta Metro Area


10U/11U/12U/13U WFC - July 12-17, 2021

This marks the sixth year for the WFC and is the pinnacle event for the USA Elite Select program. This year’s event will pit top teams from all over the country who have earned a berth through WFC Qualifiers or through Direct Selection. For 2021 the 14U/16U/18U event will be partnered with a USAES Summer National to provide more competitive options and a wider range of play. 

For 2021 the Futures ages 10U/11U/12U/13U the WFC events will feature a East & West location. This is being done to provide a championship event in a Regional market and allow teams to better allocate their resources.  The West events will be hosted in Des Moines, IA while the East events will be held in the Atlanta Metro Area. 


14U/16U/18U  WFC/Summer National Details

The format for the WFC will be one Exhibition Game, two Pool Games and Double Elimination Bracket format. 


The Summer Nationals portion will be played over the same time frame and will be an open event. Teams participating in the Summer Nationals field will have the opportunity to earn a spot in the WFC field by winning their Pre-Qualifier portion of the Summer National. The Summer Nationals format will be a 6GG that will finish in a Double Elimination Bracket format.


The WFC-Summer Nationals will feature live streaming access through USSSA Live’s platform. 

For more information on the 2021 World Fastpitch Championships Events you can also contact Ryan Highfill at

10U/11U/12U/13U  WFC Futures Event Details


14U-18U WFC




11U/13U West WFC





10U/12U West WFC





10U/11U/12U/13U East WFC

West WFC 


11U/13U - July 7-11, 2021 

10U/12U - July 14-18, 2021  


These events will be hosted over a 5 day span with 4 days of play. The format for the West WFC events will be a 6 Game Guarantee, and will feature 4 Pool Games into a Double Elimination Bracket.

The 11U/13U will be hosted in conjunction with the USSSA 11U/13U National Championships, traditionally the largest odd age championships in the country for the sport.   

For more information on the 2021 West WFC 10U-13U Events please contact Kelly Thorne at  

East WFC  

10U/11U/12U/13U WFC |  July 12-17, 2021  

This event will be hosted at multiple parks in the Henry County area, a suburb of Atlanta.  Opening Ceremonies (Monday) will be hosted at the new Atlanta Beach complex.  The format for the event will be a 5 Game Guarantee and will play Tuesday through Saturday; 1 exhibition, 2 Pool games, and a Double Elim Championship bracket.

For more information on the 2021 East WFC 10U-13U Events please contact Chris Florence at

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