AthPro - Athletic Performance Testing 

Player Performance Testing, Rating and Evaluation

What is AthPro?

AthPro360 is a brand created and owned by Real Time Athletes Inc. Sports is our passion. We believe that sports can bring communities together, create a social impact, develop social capital and promote peace in the world. Sports as a career also opens up plethora of opportunities worldwide for those who are interested in pursuing this field. Keeping all this in mind, AthPro360 is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced collegiate athletic recruiting and player development platform empowering and connecting athletes, teams, fans and event-managers. We have created a complete solution that connects every entity in sports business

What is Athletic Performance Testing?

Athletic Performance Testing (APT), along with the corresponding individual players Athletic Performance Index (API) generated from the scores, has become one of the two most important objective statistical measurements in player development & training.

What is the Athletic Performance Index (API)?

Using a patent-pending process, the testing results create a single player rating, known as the Athletic Performance Index (API). This rating allows players to compare themselves against every other player who has ever been tested. Players can then use this number for self-evaluation & athletic development. The API is widely used by college coaches around the nation to quickly evaluate players.

What are the tests?

Athletic Performance Testing consists of 5 stages: Speed, Agility, Hitting, Throwing, & Strength. During these stages, players will be tested on their 10 Yard Dash, 20 Yard Dash, 40 Yard Dash, Flying 20, Agility Shuttle, Pre-Impact Speed, Exit Speed, Overhand Speed, & Grip Strength.

What do the results mean?

Athletic Performance Testing has become the objective measurement that offers a clear snapshot of a player's pure athletic ability. College coaches across the country use these measurements in a variety of ways to evaluate players. Players & trainers use these measurements as a baseline to create development & training programs. It is very important that every serious player in the country get their verified APT metrics and Athletic Performance Index. Once a player is tested, the scores are posted to their AthPro360 athletic locker/profile. From there, the player can promote themselves, work to develop their abilities, and allow colleges to view their scores.


What is my next step???

Testing will take place July 9th,10th and 11th from 9am - 5pm at Mid-America Sports Complexes.

$20/per player 

$120 /per team up to 12 players 

*Sign up link for specific testing times will be released once the schedules are released. 

*Athletes will need to arrive 45 min prior to their testing time for warm-ups

*Athletes should plan on the evaluation lasting approximately one hour 

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