14U Tuesday Evening Recap

July 13, 2016

Pool play was in full swing today at the 14U USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship. As the day went on the weather cleared up and the athletes were really finding their grooves.


These afternoon games were all starting late due to the rain delays this morning, but the athletes and teams weren’t bothered.


The Beverly Bandits, who took first in their pool while holding both teams to zero runs today, were no exception.


“We are used to that Midwest weather, so we don’t let that kind of stuff bother us,” Beverly Bandits Coach Ramsey Harkness said. “The weather man is never right.”



The energetic Texas Glory 14U Naudin won their pool game this afternoon and were even louder than they were at 10am this morning. They even had the energy to cheer on the other Texas Glory Futures team during their break.


It’s safe to say that these athletes aren’t going to be deterred by a little bit of unpredictable weather. They are here to play.


Team Nebraska 14U Elite, who placed 3rd in their pool today have been at the park for a long time today, but said they were enjoying themselves and the competitive play.


“We like the competition, seeing teams from California and Texas, that’s what we need to have up here,” Coach Todd Villotta said. “We need to challenge these girls and they need to see where other girls are at on their level all over the country.”


Competition has definitely heated up here at the 14U level and the girls are excited to see what comes tomorrow. With pool play officially done and bracket play beginning tomorrow morning, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as what these 14U athletes are capable of accomplishing.


Come check out the action for yourself at the Mid-America West Sports Complex in Shawnee, Kansas, or you can always follow our live streams online at http://www.usssalive.com/usaeliteselect.  For a list of full scores for all age levels this page



***In case you couldn’t catch all the games today, here’s a quick breakdown of pool winners:

  • Pool A

    • 1st place: OC Batbusters - Campbell

    • 2nd place: Firecrackers HTX – Gibson

    • 3rd place: Tulsa Shootout 14U - Tallman

  • Pool B

    • 1st place: Beverly Bandits 14U Premier

    • 2nd place: Texas Glory 14U Futures

    • 3rd place: Team Nebraska 14 Elite

  • Pool C

    • 1st place: Team Mizuno - Impulse

    • 2nd place: So Cal Athletics – Keester

    • 3rd place: Demarni Aces 14U

  • Pool D

    • 1st place: Angels Premier – Topeka

    • 2nd place: Marucci Patriots 14U

    • 3rd place: Gametime Bradshaw 14U

  • Pool E

    • 1st place: OC Batbusters - Mascarenas

    • 2nd place: Impact Gold DFW

    • 3rd place: Full Swing Connection

  • Pool F

    • 1st place: Texas Bombers 14U Gold

    • 2nd place: Oklahoma Athletics '01

    • 3rd place: Firebirds 02

  • Pool G

    • 1st place: Texas Glory 14U Naudin

    • 2nd place: Team Kansas 14U

    • 3rd place: Wasco Diamonds - RB

  • Pool H

    • 1st place: Gametime Stars Gold 2020

    • 2nd place: Gap 01 White

    • 3rd place: Texas Bombers CTX 14U - Womack

  • Pool I

    • 1st place: OC Batbusters - Herrera

    • 2nd place: Tulsa Elite 14U - Filali

    • 3rd place: Texas Bombers RGV

  • Pool J

    • 1st place: TFX Dawgs - Virgil

    • 2nd place: KC Monarchs

    • 3rd place: Silver State Punishers

  • Pool K

    • 1st place: Ohana Tigers - Quarles

    • 2nd place: Force Elite 2020

    • 3rd place: Velocity - Petre

  • Pool L

    • 1st place: Florida Storm - Sacco

    • 2nd place: AZ Hotshots '02

    • 3rd place: TX Bombers ETX - Zachry

  • Pool M

    • 1st place: Texas Bombers NTX - Adams

    • 2nd place: Firecrackers FL - Hoopes

    • 3rd place: Indy Crush - Twomey

  • Pool N

    • 1st place: (still playing)

    • 2nd place: (still playing)

    • 3rd place: (still playing)