18U Tuesday Recap

July 12, 2016













This morning all 58, 18U teams started there journey to compete to be the first ever USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship. There have been some hard battles fought out here on the fields today.


12pm game turns heads with Team Power playing the Tennessee Elite. Both of these teams have fought a hard battle with Team Power winning. Team Power started the first inning off strong with the power of their bats. Ashlyn Sutton #10 of Team Power had a call with a foul ball she hit rolling off of her leg. "I could tell the umpire behind the plate did not see the ball hit my leg so I asked if I could get it appealed. Thank goodness he saw it, that was my second chance." - Ashlyn #10. The final call was her being able to finish her turn to bat and ended in a walk. With Ashlyn on the bases her teammates send her round them with #11 hitting a single to score her. Alexis, #11,  said "Of course the rain had its effects on us. I usually get to the field a half hour before I am suppose to get ready but with not knowing when the game would actually start it was hard today, but I am glad that didn't affect us as a team." To add to Team Powers great first inning #6 hits a line drive to center field getting out but the runner at third base tagged up and was able to score. Team Power did not just have bats they had a great defense as well, their pitcher and catcher brought a united front with the catcher not willing to let a ball get past her and the pitcher bringing in the heat. This pitcher and catcher just met this weekend because the pitcher Carly #26 is guest playing with the team. The catcher, Alexa #18, said "Even though we just met we have a great connection and her being able to This amazing duo resulted in the rest of the team doing having great play behind them. #11 had a line drive about five feet over her head and she jumped up and snagged it. Ashyln and the short stop had many double plays. This team has it all both hitting and fielding. Team Power was able to secure the win over the Tennessee Elite 5-1 but the Elite did not go down with out a fight. 

The Tennessee Elite's defense was nothing to be messed with though, their catcher had an amazing catch off the fence.  #..... had a very aggressive attitude and was ready for anything Team Power put in her way, not a single past ball and threw out two runners who were stealing second and third. The outfield had a lot of power as well, many diving catches and great stops. The right fielder made many diving and sliding attempts to catch foul balls, she is showing her speed and her willingness to stop at nothing to get an out. The El