12U Feature Story: OC Batbusters (Garcia)

July 15, 2016


It is 0-0 in the bottom of the seventh inning. The winner moves up in the bracket. One coach dismisses himself to go walk around because of the pressure.


Both the OC Batbusters (Garcia) and the Atlanta Vipers (Trowell) have fought hard the entire game. The pitchers have been solid. Defense has kept all batters stranded on base.


Emilie Lapena goes up to bat. The entire dugout is chanting “FSU!”, a team inside joke.


A fair groundball up the line scores the runner on third. Cheers from parents, coaches, and the players can be heard from surrounding fields. Batbusters win 1-0.


Head coach Chris Garcia smiles watching his girls celebrate. “I did not know if it was going to stay fair or not. She has been working hard and that is an exciting play for her. I am glad she had the opportunity and got to take advantage of it,” Garcia said.


Emilie Lapena has been playing with this team for years and is vital to its' success.

“Em has been with us since the very beginning back in 2013. She is an original member, so she has been with us for four or five years now and she has grown through the process and the organization,” Garcia said.


Her versatility is what makes her so valuable. “She is a leader. She can play any position, which is probably her biggest asset. She can play the infield and the outfield, wherever I need her to play. She is an all-around player. That is her biggest asset with us,” Garcia said.


The OC Batbusters continue in the bracket tonight. Keep up with all the games tonight and through the rest of the tournament on our website.


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