12U Thursday Morning Recap

July 14, 2016


After a soggy Wednesday that left games unfinished, Thursday started with very competitive softball. Bracket play began again and teams were ready.


The Tennessee Illusion took on the Texas Boomers to finish their unfinished business from Wednesday.  The Illusion’s bats were hot, scoring five runs total at the end of the fifth. They continued to hit well ending the game 7-0.


Head coach Chad Shoulders reveled in his girls’ success. “We hit the ball probably better than we have all week,” Shoulders said.


“Normally in this travel ball we do not play seven innings. Most of the games are timed. We had to play a full seven inning game. That is real softball and that is what we want to play,” Shoulders said.


One extremely impressive play of the morning was when McKenna Rebarcak of the Heartland Havoc hit a homerun well over the 200 foot fence.


Coach Konrad Knary smiles talking about his player’s hitting ability. “She has hit a few in her career. She is probably close to ten home runs right now for the season,” Knary said.


The Heartland Havoc is looking forward to moving up the bracket play. “We want to see how our Midwestern team does facing these big metropolitan teams,” Knary said.


In addition, Next Level Softball, lead by Coach Lakin who played for South Carolina, defeated Texas Glory 12-4. Though the score may seem one-sided, the game was hard fought to the very end. Next Level was down 0-2 to begin with, but their bats came alive. At the bottom of the fourth inning, they had worked their way to the top at 6-4. They continued to read the pitcher which lead to a six run inning to end the game.


Even though the rain delay kept their game at bay, the girls never stopped. “Mentally, we took a team approach. We said that we were going to need everyone to beat this team. They are a very good team,” Lakin said.


“They are all true competitors and they all really want to win. The thing that really keeps them motivated is wanting to beat the team they are against…handedly,” Lakin said.


Bracket play continues throughout the rest of today and the tournament.


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