18U Friday Recap

July 16, 2016











As the tournament is coming to an end teams are narrowing down to the last two teams.Teams fighting to continue onto the championship game such as the Georgia Elite Gold Hoover, OC Batbusters Smith, Demarini Aces, and Texas Glory, Texas Bombers, and Texas Glory Adkins.  These teams have fought long and hard to earn their spot at the top, not only did this tournament have great competition but also many learning experiences that come with facing such difficult teams. Tonight the fight to get to the championship game has ended but the fight to win is still on. These two teams will compete Saturday at 1:30 and there we will watch the battle between Texas Glory and OC Batbusters Smith.

 The Texas Glory played the Texas Glory Adkins in the semi finals game and won 18 to 4. Their bats were off the charts and their pitching was outstanding. Talking to some of the Glory players they say "I am so excited for tomorrow. The competition is the best I have seen and being able to keep our own was just what we worked all year for" They will face the OC Batbusters Smith. The OC Batbusters also had a great semi finals game against the Texas Bomber with a tight score of 1 to 0. Clearly both powerful teams that were able to have great defense. The Batbuster's pitcher said "We have had a great start and we need to work together as a team to finish it." These two teams were teams to watch this tournament and now we can see why.